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QDoc is included in the Registry of trusted software

The business processes and documents digitalization system was included in the list of trusted software and products of the electronic industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The system was registered under the No. 18967 dated June 4th, 2023 based on the decision of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

QDoc is now recommended for priority consideration in procurement procedures for companies that are obliged to ensure information security of the infrastructure. Such companies necessarily include owners of «electronic government» informatization objects and owners of critically important facilities of information and communication infrastructure.

The inclusion of QDoc in the Register confirms that the system meets the 4th level of trust according to the information security requirements in accordance with State standard R ISO/IEC 15408-3-2013 «Information technology. Methods and means of ensuring security. Criteria for evaluating information technology security. Part 3: Security Assurance Requirements».

«QDoc is a system for government agencies, national holdings and private companies interested in using software with high level of information security.
The system provides solutions that are effective for both business and the public sector. QDoc guarantees the safety of confidential documents, offers On-Premises and SaaS delivery, includes tools for adaptation to company requirements and built-in analytics to evaluate employee performance.»

Artem Ignatovich, CEO of ESM System, QDoc developer