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About the company and the product

How has QDoc appeared? We, the ESM System startup team, were inspired by our clients.

ESM System is part of the group of companies. For 10 years, has implemented IT solutions in more than 100 companies. Working together with customers, we have identified several bottlenecks regarding Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS):

  • when installing software in the cloud, confidential information often leaks out;
  • companies do not have tools to independently support and develop their systems;
  • customers have limited choice of licensing and software delivery options. Often they can only buy software by subscription with annual payments.

Based on the market needs, we have created the QDoc system that is:

  1. Secure: documents are protected by access rights and encryption.
  2. Open: no-code and low-code tools allow to adapt the system to business needs.
  3. Variable in terms of delivery and licensing: on-premises or in the cloud, concurrent or named licenses.
    On-premises delivery means that a client pays for software once and works in the system without risk of losing documents. The customer buys licenses only for concurrent users.


We create products with a high level of security that can be flexibly adapted to customer’s business processes and needs without the assistance of a vendor. We take into account our client’s needs and offer beneficial software delivery options.

We provide the opportunity to develop the system independently of the vendor.

Work principles

The success of digital products directly depends on development of the community and technologies in the country. The main asset of a company is its employees. That is why it’s highly important for us to follow 3 principles:

  1. Create new workplaces: for developers, analysts, project managers, architects, technical support engineers, system engineers. Improve employees' level of competence on a regular basis.
    Clients, partners, educational institutions can use open set of tools for system modification. Members of the QDoc community have an access to a knowledge base on implementation technologies.
  2. Efficiently and regularly train clients' and partners' employees, certify specialists upon completion of courses.
    Personnel studies take place at the QDoc training center. Both new specialists and experienced ones have an opportunity to raise their competencies at the courses.
  3. Promote advanced technologies in the community, such as artificial intelligence, microservice architecture, open source solutions, lean-agile approaches, solution selling methodology.

Success for us is not only about delivering a product of high quality to the customers. It is also about increasing the number of companies that are able to develop the system with the help of their competent employees. This is about building mutually beneficial relationship with the client.