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QDoc functionality has become wider

A new project management solution has appeared in the system, intelligent services for information processing have been updated, and the protection of corporate data has become even more reliable.

Artificial Intelligence frees you from routine operations

QDoc’s intelligent mechanisms reduce employee labor costs for same-type manual operations: they extract facts from documents, fill out registration cards in the system, classify and register documents, and compare versions.

Now you can search scanned copies of documents by a fragment of text. For example, to find scanned copies of invoices for construction materials, just enter the corresponding query in the search bar.

Fuzzy search technologies in QDoc freeusers from manually preparing cards and matching them with the source. When processing incoming documents, AI services fill in the details with reference data if there is a shortage of recognized ones. This functionality helps to identify with high probability and indicate in the card contractors, organizations, signing employees and addressees.

AI services filled out the incoming letter card with accurate facts using fuzzy search

The system is also able to self-study: the more documents intelligent services process, the more facts are extracted and documents are classified correctly and accurately.

AI tools are trained on new document samples

Portfolios and programs to prevent project risks

QDoc brings project and team management to a new level. Such tools as the Gantt chart and Agile boards help organize successful management. The system allows managing workflows and monitoring their completion, planning projects and analyzing the workload of employees.

A new solution «Portfolios and Programs» will help effectively organize project activities. It is convenient to simultaneously monitor the status of all related projects and eliminate possible risks. For example, timely redistribute resources from non-priority tasks to more important ones.

The portfolio structure displays the timing, costs and progress of work on sub projects

Confidential information under lock and key

QDoc's encryption capabilities have been enhanced. Documents are securely protected, even if unauthorized users have access to the file storage.

What else you can do to protect confidential data in the system:

  • limit bulk uploading of documents and records;
  • use password authentication to log into accounts: you can configure password complexity and blocking rules for unsuccessful login attempts;
  • massively change the password in case the administrator has set up new account policies and all users need to change the password;
  • configure automatic logout: an intruder will not gain access to the system if the user forgot to lock the computer;
  • enable blocking of IP addresses in case of multiple unsuccessful login attemps. If one computer exceeds the maximum number of unsuccessful login attempts, the system temporarily blocks login from its IP address.
Management of access rights in the system

QDoc is more than an electronic document management system. It allows companies to digitalize records management, contract work, HR processes, project management and the exchange of documents with counterparties.

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