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What’s new in QDoc?

Along with customer requests, the QDoc system is also changing. As a result of the software upgrade, the capabilities of no-code and low-code tools have expanded. Now it is easier and even more convenient to customize the system to business requirements.

QDoc is an innovative platform for managing digital documents and processes. We present some new features of the system that increase the efficiency of its utilizing.

Fast and agile adaptation

QDoc can be easily customized without vendor’s help by using no-code tools. The system is quickly adapted to the company’s needs both at the initial implementation stage and during subsequent modifications. In the visual editor, the lead user sets the process scheme using blocks and transitions.

Now you can customize the form of object cards (directories, documents, tasks, notifications). Card forms are changed in the explorer: you can add, move and delete elements, change their titles, link elements to other properties. For example, in a contract card you can add a field with an amount without VAT. In this case, the changes will affect all objects of the selected category.

You can add a field with an amount without VAT in a contract card

Out-of-the-box business processes are also customizable at the user level. These include standard processes: execution of an order, familiarization with a document, reviewing a document.

Business process can be adapted in the visual editor

Solutions’ development by a client

Low-code tools help to create specific solutions for the company's processes. Development takes place in visual editors of forms and processes. Thanks to the low-code layer, there is no need to spend time on programmatic rendering of cards.

Tool novelties:

  • an opportunity to disable events for entities and properties, configure actions with a large number of records. For example, the programmer can specify whether to display the attachment area or document preview pane, etc.
  • an ability to change display styles of lists of tasks or documents in attachment for users. For instance, an employee can customize the visualization so that active contracts are displayed in standard font, terminated — in red, and documents under development — in italics.

A programmer adapts the system in low-code development environment

These are just a few new features of QDoc that complement its functionality. The system also solves such tasks as long-term storage of legally valid documents, contract management, HR record management and project management, as well as classical electronic document management.

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