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A new system — QDoc — has been introduced to the Kazakhstan IT market

The QDoc system for processes and documents digitalization was developed by ESM System Company. Integrated ready-to-use solutions increase work efficiency of all categories of employees. With a variety of features, companies can easily transfer any content and related processes into electronic form.

QDoc developer, ESM System startup, is a part of the group of companies. Over the past decade, the group has successfully completed projects for more than 100 clients. The startup was prompted to create a new system by the needs of customers of and other companies representing public and commercial sectors.

ESM System has identified a list of current business requirements for electronic document management systems (EDMS):

  • opportunity of modification of an EDMS without the developer’s assistance;
  • security of confidential documents within the system’s loop;
  • extensive integration capabilities without the need to duplicate or transfer the data and update them manually;
  • accumulation of information on how efficiently employees and departments work.

QDoc system for processes and documents digitalization includes the described functionality and solves problems beyond a classical EDMS.

Many features of the new product are available to prospective customers. Among such features are document encryption with restricted access even to administrators, a visual process editor, and dashboards for analyzing employees' performance. The system’s functionality is complemented by modern project management tools such as Agile boards and Gantt chart.

Intelligent services integrated into QDoc retrieve details from documents, register them into the system and automatically fill in document registration cards.

Ready-to-use solutions can be easily deployed out of the box and adapted to company’s needs using a no-code configuration and low-code development.

«QDoc offers a wide range of capabilities tailored to customer requirements. The system includes modules and solutions for content management, BPM functionality, integration tools for external systems, and AI services for data processing. QDoc also ensures the secure storage of corporate information. We are pleased to introduce the benefits of QDoc and begin sales»

Artem Ignatovich, CEO of ESM System, the QDoc developer

Until August 13, 2023, a 30% discount on software delivery is available to all customers.

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