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QDoc has become a resident of the Tech Garden solutions platform

The system was included in the list of domestic digital products of the Smart Industry Management Platform. The presence on this marketplace confirms the software quality and the high level of confidence in the product.

The Smart Industry Management Platform (SIMP) is one of the developments of the Tech Garden Park of innovative technologies. The platform supports the production sector in digitalization and encourages the introduction of digital tools.

A pool of domestic IT solutions is assembled on the marketplace, and industry representatives post their business tasks. The sector becomes acquainted with world practices to build an effective digitalization strategy and gets access to high-quality products to choose the best. Vendors are the first on the market to learn about the needs of companies and offer them their developments.

Now the QDoc business processes and documents digitalization system is also ;included in the catalog of solutions. The software fully meets the current needs of industrial enterprises. By implementing QDoc, the company will be able to:

  • centrally manage the flow of paper and electronic documents;
  • organize the work of thousands of users in the system;
  • provide employees of production and remote departments with access to the system;
  • reduce labor costs for routine processing of large volumes of text information using intelligent services;
  • flexibly adapt the system to corporate regulations using no-code and low-code tools.

It is important for industrial enterprises to comply with high requirements for information security. QDoc guarantees the safety of confidential documents, which is confirmed by the inclusion of the system in the Register of Trusted Software of Kazakhstan.